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The Bilingual News

La Espiguita Bakery


The Bilingual News is Long Island's bilingual newspaper. They offer a diverse variety of topics to read from and their goal is to teach, entertain and interest their readers.

Down from adding articles, to contact forms and a virtual newspaper.  This website has over 400 pages and counting. Languages include English and Spanish.

Spanish bakery located in Brentwood, New York.  Meals, products and different sorts of bread and deserts offered.

Some features include a shopping cart, gallery and social media integration.  Customer also has the option to 'sign in' to edit and add text or images to the website.

Some other features include:

• Customizable browser background

• Event calendar

• FQ&A

• Scrolling Effect*

• Interactive social media

  • Forms (contact, job application, etc.)

    Any type of forms, surveys, applications and submissions.  Some features include, captcha, required field, submit file(s), check boxes, check dates (calendar), payment options (merchant API required), map integration, photo display, numbers input and customizable theme look.

  • Captcha Options

    Options to choose style of captcha

  • Receiving a Form

    The form will directly

    go to your email(s)

    with personalized look

    to match your business.

    Logo can be added to contact form in your email.

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Adobe Photoshop

10 years of experience

Adobe Illustrator

6 years of experience

Adobe InDesign

4 years of experience

Other Programs Include

Adobe Muse

Adobe Acrobat

Mac Operating Systems

Windows Operating Systems

Microsoft Office

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